Membership Information & Forms

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP (18 years and older): An Individual Membership is $150 ($50 with 24 hours of service).  Individual members shoot at member rates and may purchase 10-shoot tickets.  You must be 18 or older to purchase an Individual Membership.  An Individual Membership may be upgraded to a Family Membership at any time by paying the difference between the two memberships.


FAMILY MEMBERSHIP (Married Couple): A Family Membership is $200 ($100 with 24 hours of service).  Family members shoot at member rates, and may purchase 10-shoot tickets for use by family members only.


LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP: A Lifetime Membership is $600 per person (50% discount for Seniors).


SENIORS (65 years and older): A senior membership is $100.  In the case of a family membership, only one person need be age 65 or older to qualify for the discount family membership of $100.


LEAGUE MEMBERSHIP: A League Membership is $15 per individual.  This membership allows a shooter to be a member on a team sponsored by the Newman Swamp Rats club in the Westside, Central or Newman Trap Leagues.  A league member is not entitled to any regular membership benefits.

Interested in becoming a member, call if you have any questions or download and print the application and Liability Waiver (mandatory) below and mail to the club address with the appropriate dues.

nsr membership letter and application.pdf